Remote working: Boundaries, trust and isolation (ep41)

Remote working: Boundaries, trust and isolation (ep41)

In today’s episode we’re talking about working productively and effectively from home with author of The Tracksuit Economy, Emma Heuston. 

Emma is a practice leader at LegalVision and works entirely from home.  Emma shares her own experience about working from home, including the advantages and challenges, how the decision to work remotely has impacted her career and talks to us about her book, The Tracksuit Economy, which is all about working remotely.  

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • Emma’s advice for making remote flexible working effective, including the importance of trust between colleagues, establishing processes and procedures and using technology effectively  
  • A discussion about the challenges Emma has faced from working entirely from home and how she has approached them 
  • How to build trust and collegiality with a remote team  
  • Implementing boundaries at home when home is also your office. Emma’s advice includes creating a physical boundary for your office and switching emails off your phone during weekends 
  • Emma’s advice about how to find a remote working position or negotiate remote working at your current position  
  • The importance of keeping in touch and not letting yourself feel isolated when working remotely  
  • If your current circumstances aren’t working for you, look for an easier way 

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