For women who love their family and their career

What if you love your career, love having kids and having both is excellent?

Well, you’re in the right place.

Despite what society tells us, we can be good mothers and have successful careers at the same time. But no one says it’s easy! Luckily, we’re here to help you to keep all your balls in the air.

Join us for our weekly podcast where we share practical advice and strategies for managing the juggle. We interview everyday career mum jugglers, thought leaders and employers to try to uncover what makes the juggle successful.

Jo Alilovic

Jo is an employment lawyer, business owner of 3D HR Legal, employer of flexible workers and mother of three.

She knows the juggle that comes from trying to progress a professional career while having a family. As an employer, she knows the sense of anxiety that can come when staff aren’t available. As an employment lawyer, she has advised employers and women around their obligations and rights relating to parental leave and return to work.

Sick of seeing gifted women leave careers to take alternative roles as a way to find flexibility and of hearing from employers who wanted to make positive changes but didn’t know how, Jo decided it was time to get involved.

Jo has brought all of these experiences together to promote and speak up for women and employers doing things differently to encourage and enable more women to have the careers they deserve with the flexibility they desire.

Lucy Dickens


Lucy is a mum of one and works flexibly in her role as a lawyer. 

Saddened by the realisation that women were not being supported through their return back to work after maternity leave, Lucy set out to do two things. First, to create a community of like-minded women juggling career and family who could band together support each other; and second, to share examples of women and employers who were making it work to prove to that a shift in focus from what we can get out of people to what we can give them is not only a fulfilling way to conduct business, it is a profitable way as well. 

Lucy is passionate about helping working mothers take charge of and manage their career and personal life in such a way that enables them to live life according to their priorities, not someone else’s. She is an advocate for flexible working, conscious leadership and work life integration as mechanisms through which employers can help their employees to live their best lives.

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