Using design thinking to design your juggle (ep 110)

Using design thinking to design your juggle (ep 110)

Today is our final episode from our Design your Decade event to celebrate 100 episodes of The Juggle Podcast.  

Our intention was to get people proactively thinking about their lives and understanding what they can put in place to make sure that they live according to their values and priorities, not just whatever life throws at them. 

We had a change of pace for part 3 and invited a design thinking expert, Premila Jina, to facilitate a super-fast design sprint to help us design our juggle.  

Premila Jina is the Innovation Lead for a local WA based management consultancy. She spends her days designing, developing and implementing innovative programs that enhance customer experience. 

As well as furthering her corporate career and raising her two daughers, Premila devotes time and energy to global charities focusing on improving the lives of women and children including the Aspire Foundation. 

Premila strongly believes that we don’t get here on our own, only by passing the baton on can we make the world a better place. 

We’ve included the audio straight from the event, so you’ll get a feel for the high energy, fun (and a little bit of dancing) that we had going on. 

In true designer fashion, Premila handed out post-it notes and sharpies and had us all scribbling our thoughts on post-it notes at each break. Rather than let you hear the white noise of our background, we’ll put a few second music break at each point and you can pause and play along yourself. You may even give yourself more than 2 mins per session if you’re not under time pressure like us! 

Let us know what you come up with! Enjoy! 


Happy juggling! 

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