Tell me how YOU feel with Dr Marny Lishman (ep 109)

Tell me how YOU feel with Dr Marny Lishman  (ep 109)

Today we’re sharing the second of 3 presentations from our Design Your Decade 100 episode party back in March. 

Dr Marny Lishman, joined our panel of guest speakers to share her view on managing the juggle from a psychologist’s perspective.  

Marny is a Health & Community Psychologist, Personal Coach and Channel 9 Perth’s Resident Psychologist. She works with professionals to facilitate personal and professional growth. Marny believes that the challenges that many people face are that they lack the knowledge, the mindset and the lifestyle balance that one needs to live a healthy, satisfying and fulfilling life.  

Marny started her presentation by talking about the many different hats we wear and how we don’t fit neatly into a particular box. She shares three mantras that we should adopt to lead a live where we thrive, not just survive:  

1. Know thyself 
2. Eyes on your own lane 
3. Own it 

Recently, Dr Marny distilled many of her ideas in her book – A Beautiful Mess – How to thrive in a modern world. In it she discusses the areas where people get stuck and the little things they can do to get unstuck. So if you like what she has to say, be sure to check out her book too. 

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Happy juggling! 

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