Transforming Workplace Culture with Dr Clare Allen (Ep05)

Transforming Workplace Culture with Dr Clare Allen (Ep05)

On today’s episode we have the privilege of hearing from Dr Clare Allen, CEO of VisAbility and Guide Dogs WA, iconic charities that are leading the way in transforming workplace culture.

Clare has amalgamated her many years of success as a leader into its core essence which she teaches through training, speaking and coaching.

Highlights from our conversation include:

  • The meaning of work life harmony and why Clare feels that this phrase is better to describe the way she fits work into her life.
  • The need for everyone to find their purpose in order to always be acting in the state of flow required for work life harmony.
  • The benefits of creating a high trust culture and the need for clear expectations around job requirements as a base for successfully implementing a flexible work environment, where employees (within job expectations) can decide their hours, place and way of working.
  • The need for senior leadership to be constantly modelling the high trust culture requirements, and recognition from leaders and managers that change won’t happen straight away – it is a gradual process that strengthens over time.
  • The need for employers to have real open discussions about a person’s needs for flexibility and what a role genuinely requires – rather than just sticking to the script of a role being full time etc.
  • A discussion around the benefits of employing working mums.

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  1. Sonia says:

    Love the comment about motivating achievers, and for leaders to let go of their controlling tendencies.

    “Work is such an important part of our lives, why be miserable” – Spot on!

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