Women’s health: mind, body and spirit (ep 82)

Women’s health: mind, body and spirit (ep 82)

In today’s episode we are shaking things up a bit! You’ve heard it before, and unfortunately it seems to be true for the majority of mums, we struggle to put our health at the top of our agenda. That needs to change. 
This week is women’s health week, so we are putting our health front and centre. Whether you call it health, or self care or something else, there is no doubt that you need to look after yourself in mind, body and spirit in order to live a great life and care for the family you created. 

Our episode today is unusual for us in that we have three guests – and not all at the same time. We interviewed two experts in health and we have taken snippets from these interviews to share with you. We then follow up with a special guest leading us in a meditation. 

Our first guest is Taryn Watson, owner of Fit Right Physio and a specialist practitioner in women’s health. Taryn created Fit Right about 5 years ago after being distressed by the lack of healthy exercise options to refer pregnancy and post natal women. With a specialist focus on pilates, Fit Right offers a variety of classes to suit women – mums and bubs with special baby cuddlers on hand, evening classes and also online. Taryn is also the mother of one, and has another on the way! 
Katherine Maslen, owner of the Shift Clinic, is a naturopath and nutritionist. Katherine is author of the book “Get Well, Stay Well” and also host of The Shift podcast designed to help listeners make a shift with their health. Katherine has a strong background in clinical practice and has helped over 4000 patients improve their health. Her team includes 15 in her Brisbane practice and a virtual team helping clients around the world. Katherine is also a single mother of 1. 

Our super special third guest, is Alice Edwards – Lucy’s sister. We like to keep it a family show on The Juggle, and have a soft spot for sisters. Alice is a life coach and yoga teacher and rather than an interview with us, she is sharing a short meditation to get you feeling energised like you’ve just had a sleep. 

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • What exactly is self care? 
  • Knocking down the excuses we all use to avoid self care and how we can make time for ourselves 
  • Practical tips on including exercise in our lives and the benefits of exercising with or near our children 
  • A discussion around nutrition and how to make sure it’s a focus on your busy day to day life 
  • A beautiful meditation to have you all feeling rested  

Links mentioned in this episode:  

Happy juggling! 

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