Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. 

From returning to work after parental leave, to applying for flexible work and managing the day-to-day juggle, we’ve got your back. Our coaching packages will give you the one-on-one support you need to make your juggle a success.

Successful Flex Work Applications

The ability to work flexibly is key to feeling like you can successfully manage those competing work and family demands.

Submitting an application to your employer however, can feel like a minefield of  legal requirements, concerns about saying the wrong thing, and worries about what to ask for.

Work with us – an employment lawyer and people manager – to craft an application that gives you the best chance for success.

You’ll get:

  • our Guide to Requesting Flexible Work;
  • a MS Word template application letter;
  • a Zoom coaching session where we’ll help you unpack the business case and refine your application.

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Manage your juggle

We all want to feel in control and content with our work and family life, but we often feel like there isn’t enough time. We feel overwhelmed and anxious about all the things we need to do. 

When you work with us, we help you to consciously take the time to work out what’s important for you, and how you can design your life to manage your juggle in the most satisfactory way.

Options include a one off consult to discuss a particular issue, or a longer coaching program to really dig deep and create long term strategies.

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Return to work like a pro

Taking time off to spend with your child after birth can be one of the most rewarding and incredible experiences. It can also leave you feeling like you’ve forgotten all of your work skills, aren’t needed at work and unsure how you can manage to work and look after a tiny human.

Work with us to discuss how to go about mentally and physically preparing for the return to work and how to adjust to changes you experience once you start the transition back into work.

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