[Re-air] Jamila Rizvi on motherhood and career confidence (ep 113)

[Re-air] Jamila Rizvi on motherhood and career confidence (ep 113)

We’re re-airing another of our most popular episodes this week – a fantastic conversation with author Jamila Rizvi. We cover a lot in this one – from women’s experiences of new motherhood to why we don’t take credit for our work in the workplace and managing the career/family juggle.

Jamila is an author, presenter and political commentator.  She describes her first book Not Just Lucky as a career manifesto for millennial women. Her new book The Motherhood brings together 32 raw, compassionate and funny letters from Australian mothers – written to themselves – about their first few months of being a mum.  

This episode is on the longer side, but it’s worth it! Talking to Jamila felt like having a conversation with an old friend, so grab a cup of tea and join us as we talk about:  

  • Jamila’s career path that has seen her go from studying law, to being a political commentator, working in the media and an author;  
  • how Jamila manages her own juggle with her career and three year old son Rafi and her new position as editor-at-large of Nine Network’s Future Women;  
  • what inspired her new book, The Motherhood, (Check out our on Facebook or Instagram for your chance to win a copy);  
  • the variety of experiences of new motherhood and the importance of recognising that we each have a different experience, no matter how similar;  
  • the huge identity shift that comes with becoming a mother;  
  • how Jamila’s first book, Not Just Lucky, came about from her desire to start a conversation about feminist issues relating to women at work in a simple and conversational way;  
  • how the patriarchy and the double-glazed glass ceiling affect women at work; and  
  • women’s use of apologetic language and how that positions us in the workplace.  

Jamila and Penguin Random House have kindly given us two copies of The Motherhood to give away to you. For your chance to win, check out our competition on Facebook and Instagram.  

You can find Jamila on her websiteFacebookInstagram and Twitter.  Click these links to buy your own copy of The Motherhood or Not Just Lucky

Happy juggling! 

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