4 Women, 12 children and tech start up The Volte (ep 83)

4 Women, 12 children and tech start up The Volte (ep 83)

In today’s episode we speak to the gorgeous – inside and out – Kym Atkins. 

Jo first met Kym while they were studying law together. After finishing university with a law degree, Kym’s path has since taken a variety of turns from traditional lawyer to inhouse lawyer in Australia and England, to co-founder of occupational medical clinic – Capstone Health, to her current role as co-founder and CEO of The Volte. 

Along with three other female co-founders, with 12 children between them, Kym has been at the helm of the successful start up of The Volte. Often referred to as the AirBNB of fashion, it is an online platform helping women to monetise their wardrobes, and making designer fashion accessible and sustainable for the everyday women all over the world. 

Kym has a fascinating story to share about being a woman in tech, managing two family businesses and the demands of 4 kids. She has great insights into the start up tech world, and her entrepreneurial journey is truly inspiring. 

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • The crazy juggle of a start up tech business and still being a very active mum to 4 kids 
  • Quantity time vs quality time – knowing the difference to combat mum guilt 
  • The two sides of running a business – the relentlessness and rewards  
  • Busting the myths and prejudices people have to get around the perception of being women playing with dresses, to be serious owners of a tech platform in the sharing economy 
  • Discussing the invisible children 

Kym has also kindly shared with us a discount code to use for our next purchase on The Volte. Use Juggle20 to get 20% off your next hire. 

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Happy juggling! 

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