CEOs driving gender equity (ep 71)

CEOs driving gender equity (ep 71)

In today’s episode we are talking gender equity. It is one fascinating conversation talking about what CEOs really think and what they are actually doing to make changes to improve equity for women. 

Our guest is Tania Cecconi, the Executive Officer at CEOs for Gender Equity. 

The vision of this organisation is to boost women’s workforce participation, lift productivity and increase economic growth by sustainably improving gender equity in jobs and pay in enterprises throughout WA. 

As an executive and organisational coach Tania has experience working with progressive leaders to “turn the dial in WA”. Her job is to support them as leaders in the transformation of their workforce by eliciting and sharing their stories of what works and doesn’t work to drive and improve gender equity further. 

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • The three important steps all members of CEOs for Gender Equity are asked to do. First, to shift from just thinking “this is the right thing to do”, to understanding their own why for gender equity, by really digging deep and reflecting on their performance on gender equity. Second, to share those reflections in a video interview with Tania on you tube to hold themselves accountable. Third, to share them with other CEOs in a private boardroom lunch which enables open and honest discussion. 
  • Discussion around the fact that gender equity is a cultural issue and the need for the conversation to start at the top. 
  • The importance of being happy with small changes which little by little are making big strides for women and the workforce. 
  • The powerful nature of private facilitated boardroom conversations – where CEOs are able to talk freely and be influenced and supported by their peers.  
  • What it means to start “rolling up your sleeves” and make a deeper commitment to gender equity in a way that stops gender equity strategies just being lip service and start having real influence. 
  • The fact that gender equity is not just about women – it is a workforce issue. The need to win the war for talent by opening up the talent pool. 
  • Targets v merit. Are they mutually exclusive? 
  • Tania’s mantra – “Choose your battles wisely to get most bang for your buck while looking after yourself”.  

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