Embrace your body with Taryn Brumfitt (ep 72)

Embrace your body with Taryn Brumfitt (ep 72)

When Taryn Brumfitt put up a photo of herself online little did she know the global impact she would have. That photo has now been viewed online over 100 million times and led to a crowd-funded social change documentary Embrace and global change movement, The Body Image Movement.  

Taryn is now an author, having published her book Embrace Yourself, and speaks across the world in her crusade to shift the way people think about themselves and their body. She has been recognised by the United Nations Women and named alongside Beyonce as Brigitte magazine’s “Woman of the Year”. 

Here’s a summary of the things we chat about: 

  • The short version of Taryn’s journey – from Instagram photo to documentary to global change movement. Why she posted that Instagram picture. 
  • The trigger point that led to Taryn’s total change of perspective about body image – being on stage in a bodybuilding competition. 
  • We’re not born hating our bodies. The key is to educate ourselves, take the blinkers off and see why “they” tell us that there’s something wrong with our bodies.  
  • Embracing your body isn’t something that just happens. You have to work for it, but it will feel magical. 
  • It’s become a habit to hate our bodies and to talk about how we should look a certain way. We need to realise that this negative conversation in our own heads is not normal.  
  • How we can change the negative talk into gratitude. When we find reasons to be grateful for the amazing things our bodies have done, like carry children and run marathons, we can change the way we see our bodies.  
  • Who made it a rule to say cellulite is bad? And why have we bought into that? 
  • We can show our children that we love our bodies by moving them for pleasure, telling them how amazing our bodies are and doing nudie runs in the house.  
  • Embrace You, Taryn’s online program that will give you practical steps to show you how to shift your perspective.  
  • Similarities between the way we feel about our bodies and imposter syndrome and how learning to embrace ourselves leads to more confidence and happier lives.  
  • “Your body isn’t an ornament, it’s a vehicle to your dreams.”  
  • Taryn’s advice for women managing the juggle – outsource everything you can! 


  • You can find out more about Taryn and Embrace and sign up to the Embrace You online program starting on 16 July at these links: 

Happy juggling! 

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