Do what works for you until it doesn’t work anymore (ep 79)

Do what works for you until it doesn’t work anymore (ep 79)

In today’s episode we are talking to Piper Wahlquist. We’ve gotten to know Piper over the last year or so since she joined our Juggle Community on facebook. It was lovely to get a little more in depth and learn about her journey. 

By way of background, Piper is a chemical engineer, mother, and enthusiastic home chef. Together with her partner she balances raising her two-year-old in between working a high pressure, high-travel full-time job and completing an MBA. 

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • How to manage a hectic travel schedule with a toddler 
  • Dealing with those annoying questions “Who is looking after your child while you’re away?” 
  • Tips for planning and prepping for the week ahead 
  • Pregnancy denial and planning for the future 
  • Making the most of keeping in touch days to further your career and personal development 
  • Piper’s mantra – which inspired the title of this episode. Remembering that things are only problems if they are problems for you.  

Links mentioned in this episode:  

Happy juggling! 

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