Integrating work and life (ep 44)

Integrating work and life (ep 44)

This week we are joined by Rebecca Johnston, Executive Director and General Counsel at KBE Legal Hub. Rebecca oversees KBE’s in-house legal recruitment team and Flexible Working Hub.  KBE Legal Hub are bringing added flexibility to the legal profession in Western Australia, expanding their services to offer not just traditional recruitment, but also permanent and flexible positions, enabling lawyers to work as contractors without having to set up their own legal practice.  

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • As we all know, flexible working is not just for working parents! While many of the people attracted to KBE’s solution do have families, a lot choose to work flexibly to pursue other interests or simply just prefer flexible arrangements. 
  • KBE practice what they preach – flexible work is the norm within KBE’s headquarters as well as in the positions they recruit for. 
  • Work-life integration is about organising your life around all the hours of the day, rather than fitting work and other responsibilities into defined chunks of time. 
  • The main challenge KBE have faced is the perception that flexible work represents laziness. To overcome this, they focus on building a culture of trust and measuring performance based on whether an employee is meeting expected outcomes. 
  • On a more personal note, Rebecca also talks to us about how she has designed her own career around the flexibility she wants in her life. Rebecca sees no distinction between work goals and personal goals – “it is all one and the same” – an attitude that has defined how she intends to approach the working motherhood as she welcomes her first child in early 2019. 
  • Rebecca shares her plans for transitioning into and out of work and how her flexible working arrangements and belief in work life integration pre-baby have set her up for success as her family circumstances change.  

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