#metoo – one year on (ep 43)

#metoo – one year on (ep 43)

One year on from the #metoo movement, we thought we’d take the opportunity to reflect on the past year and see what progress has been made.  

We’ve seen that some high-profile people against whom allegations have been made have either been fired or stepped down, but we’ve also seen many who haven’t and against whom allegations seem to have been “forgotten”. 

One of the broader implications from #metoo is an increased awareness about sexual assault and sexual harassment, particularly in the workplace. It is easy to be blind to this kind of conduct when you haven’t seen or experienced it yourself. The #metoo movement has demonstrated just how prevalent sexual assault is and has really brought awareness to the issue. 

Another of the broader implications is that women feel more empowered to speak up about assault that they experience, with less fear that they will be brushed off, blamed or not believed. Despite this, the Australian statistics still suggest that much conduct goes unreported. 

The #metoo movement has led to employers and organisations being much more aware of the prevalence of sexual assault and sexual harassment, with many developing strict policies and guidelines, conducting training and taking complaints more seriously.  

While we still have a way to go, the #metoo movement has undoubtedly brought awareness to sexual assault and harassment and many people are more aware that conduct that may previously have been brushed off or ignored is no longer acceptable. 

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