Juggling 5 businesses, 3 kids and a farm (ep 48)

Juggling 5 businesses, 3 kids and a farm (ep 48)

We’ve had a number of people ask to hear from guests with older children, people running businesses and people in regional areas. We’ve got them all covered with our guest today, Tracey McFarlane. 

Tracey lives in Merredin in the central wheatbelt of Western Australia. She’s an entrepreneur, currently running 5 businesses, taking an active role in her community and also mothering 3 teenage daughters. 

Jo met Tracey whilst attending WE Shine, the annual conference for the Wheatbelt Business Network. She was blown away by her confidence, attitude to life and business and her wonderful honesty. 

This is such a wonderful, easy to listen to conversation with gem after gem of good advice. Some of the highlights include: 

  • The benefits of getting up at 4:30am! We’re still not sure we’re on board, but you may be! 
  • Some reassurance that life gets easier as your children get older! Teenage years are supposedly not all bad. 
  • The changing nature of the juggle as children age and the importance of accepting that children have different needs at different ages, and they are all different. 
  • Starting a business after having three children. It`s no picnic but it may allow flexibility for other life needs. 
  • Managing boundaries when running your own business/es. 
  • Challenges of being a woman with career ambitions in a rural/regional area. 
  • The importance of making time for yourself – exercise, learning and development and self-reflection. 

Links mentioned in this episode:  

Happy juggling! 

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