How to set and achieve your goals for 2019 (ep 47)

How to set and achieve your goals for 2019 (ep 47)

Happy New Year! 

For many people a new year means new resolutions, new goals, a new start and new stationery! In keeping with the theme, today we’re talking about goal setting. 

This week we: 

  • look at some different ways of setting goals: resolutions, themes for the year or a word of the year; 
  • share some practical steps you can take to set some goals for the year ahead; and 
  • talk about our own goals for 2019. 

Our six steps for good goal setting are: 

  1. Reflect – before you make new goals, take time to look back on last year. Did you achieve the goals you set for yourself? What did you enjoy? What were the low points? 
  1. Brainstorm – what do you want your year to look like? 
  1. Create your goals. Make them SMART, write them down and don’t have too many.  
  1. Make your action plan. Think calendar planning, essential to-do’s and things you will say no to to enable you to prioritise.  
  1. How will you hold yourself accountable? Will you announce your goals to the world, make a financial commitment or perhaps have an accountability buddy. 
  1. Review – things change and your goals may change too. The important thing is to check in with yourself – if your goals are the same, have you made progress? If they need to change, go back to number 2 and plan them out.  

If you’re thinking about goals for the year (or you want to be!), join us in The Juggle Community next week (7-11 January) for our simple goal setting challenge. One small activity each day to get you thinking about your goals for 2019 and help you to achieve them. 

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Happy juggling! 

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