Organise your home to organise your mind (ep 46)

Organise your home to organise your mind (ep 46)

When you decide to have a family you don’t just welcome a child into your home, you welcome a lot of stuff! Whether you are a minimalist or not, there is nothing you can do – babies and children naturally lead to an accumulation of things. 

Each stage leads to new things that you need, and the more children you have the more you seem to accumulate. 

In today’s episode we talk to the host of one of Jo’s favourite podcasts, Organize365. Lisa Woodruff is a professional household organiser, author, podcaster and creator of The Sunday Basket – a household paper organisation system. Her podcast is full of gems, and she shares many with us today. 

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • The difference between decluttering and organising; 
  • Finding out whether you are a “decluttering junkie”; 
  • The potential negatives of the energy that comes from decluttering; 
  • Acknowledging the amount of time taken to manage a household and how you can outsource some tasks; 
  • The specific challenges that arise when your children are under school age and the need for more naps!; 
  • Tips for family calendar management such as nominating “lead” parents to minimise the mental load; 
  • The importance of routines for any age – the children and the parents; 
  • How to actively manage all the paper – bills, school notes, shopping lists, notes you’ve written etc. 

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