Promoting gender diversity in a male dominated industry with Dean Brajevic (Ep9)

Promoting gender diversity in a male dominated industry with Dean Brajevic (Ep9)

This week we’re joined by Dean Brajevic, General Manager of Human Resources at Monadelphous. Dean has been leading the gender and diversity initiatives at Monadelphous and brings a refreshing and modern view to what is needed to bring about company cultural change.

Dean has personal experience of the juggle having a high powered career and being a single dad of four. His personal experience and his willingness to try new initiatives has led to great results at Monadelphous and bodes well for further progress.
Some of the key highlights from this episode are:
  • The need to run your own race when it comes to gender diversity and inclusion rather than being held to someone else’s view on what is needed.
  • Using documented policies to create focus on an issue and gain traction more quickly.
  • “Manels” (all male panels) at conferences, and the men who are being rewarded for being at diversity events.
  • The need to be organised and upfront with your employer about your family commitments and how they impact on work.
  • The need to have times when you separate work and other commitments to be “in the moment”.
  • The value of having men working flexibly as good role models within an organisation.
  • Trialing new programs and using a section of your organisation as a test group before rolling out more broadly, and focusing on continuous improvement.
  • The need for managers to be empowered to respond to requests for flexibility in a positive way, and approve requests as appropriate.
  • The need for a culture with openness and trust to foster true flexibility at work.
  • The need for a suite of policies and procedures around gender diversity, equal opportunity etc to provide a framework for the organisation.
We hope you enjoy this as much as we did.
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