Prioritising self-care with Jessica Courtney (Ep08)

Prioritising self-care with Jessica Courtney (Ep08)

Today’s episode features Jessica Courtney. Jess is a lawyer in commercial litigation at an international law firm, and mum to 2 year old daughter Elodie. Jess also runs an Instagram account @pumpingmumma which she created to chronicle her journey of exclusively expressing for baby Elodie and to provide support to other mums who needed to express due to breastfeeding difficulties or after returning to work. 

Some of the things we discuss with Jess include: 

  • The benefits of sharing household responsibilities with your partner and outsourcing to ensure that you can prioritise quality time with your children 
  • The benefits of having children at an early stage in your career 
  • The benefits of increasing visibility when you are part time 
  • The need to put yourself and your health first in order to be able to be a good mother and employee. 
  • Difficulties of breastfeeding and making the best of the alternatives 
  • Creating her @pumpingmumma Instagram account and following  

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