Welcome to The Juggle Podcast! (Ep01)

Welcome to The Juggle Podcast! (Ep01)
The Juggle is the brain child of Jo Alilovic and Lucy Dickens. After meeting in early 2018, Jo and Lucy quickly realised that they shared similar values and a serious desire to see the world of work changed for women who want to maintain satisfying professional careers and also have a fulfilling family life.


Women are often referred to as circus jugglers – juggling all aspects of life: work, children, health, friends and more. But it is not an easy skill to learn, or to maintain. In fact, it is often so difficult to juggle all these areas of life that women sometimes make the choice to leave (or put on hold) their profession.


Jo and Lucy have created this podcast to inform, create discussion and identify success stories that can be shared to improve the situations of others. They will be interviewing women who can share their personal stories of balancing career and the other aspects of life, and employers who have created a workplace that enables more women to maintain a career after having a family, as well as thought leaders to share inspiration and innovative techniques and strategies. Jo and Lucy will also have conversations where they discuss recent media or matters which relate to “the juggle”.


Topics will include personal branding, the need for a high trust culture to support flexible work arrangements, seeking new employment whilst on maternity leave, the difficulty of continuing to breastfeed after returning to work, outsourcing, different kinds of child care and more.


New episodes will be released weekly on Thursday, and the conversation will be continued each week in the Facebook group “The Juggle Community”.


Please leave a review or provide your feedback on an episode or possible future guests by email to hello@thejuggle.com.au.


Links shared in this episode:
– Website: www.thejuggle.com.au [Where you can find all episodes of The Juggle, sign up to be notified when a new episode is released, and find a link to join the facebook group The Juggle Community.]

For women who want a satisfying career and a fulfilling family life. Helping you to find your all.


  1. Seona says:

    Wow you guys – this is such a great listening experience – and amazing partnership the two of you. Thumbs up!!!

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