What is the juggle? (Ep02)

What is the juggle? (Ep02)
Join Jo and Lucy as they discuss their views on the meaning behind concepts like “the juggle”, “work/life balance” and “boundaries”.
Three key take aways from the episode are:
1. The dictionary definition for juggle is: “continuously toss into the air and catch (a number of objects) so as to keep at least one in the air while handling the others”. (Source: Google dictionary)
2. The four burners theory which describes the four quadrants of your life and raises the question of the need for trade offs in order to be successful (see James Clear)
3. Theming your days as a way to put in place boundaries to prevent your work overly impacting on other areas of your life.
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  1. Sonia says:

    Thanks for sharing Ladies. I can see why we had a good laugh. We share very similar views on this subject. Interesting perspectives on boundaries and The Juggle. I like the 4 burner approach and the daily themes, very interesting insights.

    How would I define success. For me, it’s not “having it all” as that changes for me from year to year (sometimes month to month) depending on what i’m juggling at that point in time. Success for me is enjoying where I am, in the here and now. I’m a bit like Lucy where I’ll always strive for that “next”, whatever I have decided that will be, whether it be personal, family or work. I need to dedicate more time on my current success and focus on the now more. There’s some homework for me I wasn’t expecting!

    • The Juggle says:

      Glad to give you another job to add to your list! I like your definition of success. I still have to remind myself to focus on now sometimes too. It’s too easy to get caught up in what is coming next! Lucy

  2. Sandra Hill says:

    A huge well done for starting this podcast! I’m so delighted that i fell upon it, as I have been really struggling with this. Just listening to this episode has given me quite a few aha moments to say the least and has made me feel so much better.

    I love the analogies you gave of the burner and the the see saw – because it’s so true, we can never really have our focus equally balanced – and so because of this – I love the idea of boundaries and ‘themed days’. I look forward to hearing more from you on this idea.

    It’s also so hard me for me to chop and change between too many different things in a day – and I find my self waking up in the mornings not knowing and confused as to what to start on first – so my focus is all over the place – which makes me very unproductive which in turn frustrates everyone around me.

    What does success mean to me? Can I steal/share you’re idea of success? It’s brilliant.

    “Success for me is the freedom to spend my time the way I want to spend it.”

    This has really hit a nerve. This is so simple and so grounding. I think we all like to think that success is reaching some kind of ‘pinnacle’ in our careers/businesses/life purpose. And we judge ourselves so harshly by this, always feeling inadequate that we’re not as far along with this as we’d like to be (and as a Mum, often blaming the family for this, or making it an excuse).

    But looking at success in this way, makes me realise that the joy is more in the journey, than in reaching the destination – which we never really seem to arrive at anyway.

    Thank you SO much for this. It’s come to me at ‘just the right time.’

    Much love & light.

    Sandra. x

    • The Juggle says:

      Sandra, thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us. I really like Jo’s definition of success too. Like I said in the episode, we get so caught up in always wanting more that we often forget to focus on what we have and, like you said, enjoy the journey. I’m glad you found us too and that you were able to take so much from our conversation. I hope you enjoy the episodes to come. Lucy

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