You are not alone – finding support as a parent (ep60)

You are not alone – finding support as a parent (ep60)

As regular listeners and members of The Juggle Community will know by now, Lucy welcomed her son Harry in late February.  This week we take the opportunity to have a chat and catch up on how Lucy is settling in with her new baby (hint: not enough sleep!) and how her juggle is looking now she has a tiny human to take care of.  

As you’d all know, getting support to help you through the tricky times is essential.  Today’s conversation led us to talk about the significance of having people who “get it” – who will instinctively offer a second pair of hands or step in to fill your place when you need to be elsewhere.  We acknowledge that finding your tribe isn’t always easy, but also offer suggestions of who might make up your village and where to look to find them, including online groups, school or day care drop off, playgroup, library activities, swimming or other children’s activities. 

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