Keeping perspective as a FIFO partner (ep 59)

Keeping perspective as a FIFO partner (ep 59)

We thought it was time for another juggler interview, so this week we have invited listener Hayley Mcgillivray on to the show to share how she manages the juggle between her career as an Innovation Facilitator at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, two young daughters and FIFO husband.   

What really stands out from our chat with Hayley is that her life hasn’t happened by chance. She often mentions having conversations with her husband where they have asked themselves what they want their life to look like and then set about making it happen. She is intentional about ensuring she makes time for the things that are important to her and her family and keeps perspective, particularly when it comes to things that are more challenging with a FIFO partner.   

We talk to Hayley about: 

  • Her daughter’s first day of school and Hayley`”letting go” and allowing her husband to do the school drop off alone as they transition to a more shared parenting arrangement 
  • The challenges faced by FIFO families, including managing childcare, feeling alone, looking after sick kids alone and changing routines with the changing roster  
  • The turning point that made her realise that she was running on empty and how she and her husband make sure that Hayley is able to take time to care for herself, including re-framing spending money on babysitters from being a luxury to being a family necessity   
  • Giving herself permission to do what is important to her (think date night, Pilates), without making excuses! Hayley’s advice: What do you look like at your most fabulous? What are some things you can do that will make you feel good? Then work out how to make them happen! 
  • Family rest time! A dedicated time each day where Hayley and her children have quiet time to rest and recoup 
  • Being ok with being “a little bit rubbish” – you don’t have to be great at everything. Be comfortable with not doing (or enjoying!) everything.  

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Happy juggling!

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