Ambitious mothers with Kirstin Bouse (ep 51)

Ambitious mothers with Kirstin Bouse (ep 51)

From time to time, we all feel the tension between wanting to give ourselves to our families as mothers and also wanting to give ourselves to our careers. Today we’ve invited clinical and forensic psychologist, Kirstin Bouse to the podcast to share her professional advice on this very topic.  

Kirstin is the owner of Perth Psychology Collective and author of book, The Conscious Mother.  Her clients include mums who experience perinatal anxiety or depression and Suite C executives finding it difficult to blend their professional and mothering worlds successfully.  One of Kirstin’s favourite topics to discuss is that of “ambitious mothers”.  

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • An introduction to “ambitious mothers”, a woman for whom career and motherhood are equally important and who devotes a huge amount of time and energy to both 
  • A discussion of some of the most common issues faced by ambitious mothers, with the most common being trying to mother as if they don’t have a career and have a career as if they don’t have children 
  • A snapshot summary of Kirstin’s wonderful book, The Conscious Mother, designed to guide women towards working out their own values and parenting style, both of which stem from a deep understanding of self 
  • Kirstin’s philosophy to “be fully human” – life becomes easier when we let go of other people’s opinions about who we are 
  • Kirstin’s honest advice about how to “be fully human” while also remaining professional and how she decides what parts of her personal life to share publicly 
  • The approach Kirstin has taken to get herself through the unexpected breakdown of her marriage last year, including pulling back on her business to give herself mental space to focus on herself and her children   

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