Regional, rural and remote – a different perspective to the juggle (Ep52)

Regional, rural and remote – a different perspective to the juggle (Ep52)

It’s a fact that the experience for women doing the juggle in regional areas is different to those in metropolitan areas.  

Jackie Jarvis is the CEO of the Rural, Regional and Remote Women’s Network. The RRR Network inspires and connects women in regional areas and has a strong focus on entrepreneurship to help women make a contribution to economic and community development in regional Western Australia. Jackie’s journey to being a CEO began with a career in banking, followed by a career as a farmer and then a career in government with the agricultural department. She now juggles her CEO role while raising three teenage daughters and keeping a hand in with the family business. 

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • An insight into the different challenges faced by women living in regional areas when it comes to managing the juggle of work and family, such as distance from services like child care, and lack of access to well paid jobs. 
  • The importance of understanding that you don`t have to be the keeper of all the knowledge. The mental load can be shared with your partner and children – and it is incumbent on you to allow, and make, it happen. 
  • The changing nature of employment for women in regional areas from traditional roles in teaching and health care to the current increased numbers of women choosing to focus on remote work careers. These remote work options are enabling regional women with skills to work and not be limited to the job variety within driving distance. 
  • How Jackie manages her remote team in the RRR Network with trust, accessibility and a focus on achievement of outcomes, rather than based on the hours sitting at a desk. 
  • The value of flex time to work at the times of day that suit you, and to be able to take breaks when you need to for personal commitments, yet the need to balance that with appropriate boundaries. 
  • The future of work opportunities for women in regional areas – particularly the rise in self-employment. 

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