Challenges and rewards of single motherhood (Ep23)

Challenges and rewards of single motherhood (Ep23)

Not everyone has the benefit of a partner who is equally, or even largely, involved in the care of their children. This can particularly be the case for single mums. 

On today’s show we welcomed guest Lucy Good. Yes – two Lucy’s on the show today – and both with English accents! Lucy is the founder of Beanstalk, a supportive community for single mums and manages its Facebook, Single Mum Vine, with over 10,000 members. 

For us the best thing about our chat was the incredible positivity that shines through in everything that Lucy says. Although she acknowledges the difficulties that can come from being a single parent, her main focus is on working through them and taking advantage of the benefits that can come from single parenthood. 

We talk about: 

  • The advantages of being a single mum, including the freedom to make decisions without consulting another adult, particularly the ability to make decisions that are more in keeping with your individual desires rather than those that are right for you and your partner. 
  • Lucy’s views on the wasted emotion of guilt, her lack of boundaries between work and family and how that has positively impacted her relationship with her daughters as they support her with her work achievements. 
  • The need to be flexible with co-parenting arrangements (if possible) as children age and life circumstances change. 
  • The difficulties of being a single parent, including financial stresses, the lack of support in decision making and the isolation that can arise when there is no one to talk to after kids are in bed. 
  • The times in a child’s life when they most need input and support from a parent. 
  • Whether or not being a single parent has a harsher impact on a woman’s career as compared to a partnered woman. 
  • The benefit of joining a community of other parents to find the advice and support that you need. 
  • A few tips for managing the school holiday juggle. Spoiler alert – get a good calendar! 

Lucy was a joy to spend time with and a true advocate for single mums. You can find out more about Lucy at Beanstalk Mums and on Facebook and Instagram.

If you are a mum doing the career/family juggle, come and join us and the amazing women who make up The Juggle Community. And don’t forget, if you haven’t already, you can subscribe on iTunes so that you never miss an episode of the podcast again! 

Happy juggling!

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