Clarissa Rayward on juggling work, family and happiness (Ep 14)

Clarissa Rayward on juggling work, family and happiness (Ep 14)

Clarissa Rayward, otherwise known as the Happy Family Lawyer,  joins us on today’s show.   Clarissa fits all the ‘categories’ of people we love to chat to - she is a parent, an employer through her business Brisbane Family Law Centre and a thought leader ‘expert’ in all things happiness.  

Clarissa very kindly joined us on what was supposed to be her maternity leave, having welcomed baby Daisy into the world just 7 weeks ago, for what she describes as a very candid conversation about what maternity leave really looks like when you have your own business – warts and all. 

We talk about: 

  • The pressures women put on each other when we each decide when to return to work, especially around how we choose to manage our family responsibilities. 
  • The need to find out what makes you happy by finding your purpose and creating space in your life to spend time on it. 
  • How to harmonise the competing aspects of our lives and Clarissa’s views on whether happiness requires effort. 
  • How Clarissa encourages happiness amongst her employees and how she makes flexible working a success in her business via her leadership style and other means. 

You can find Clarissa along with information about her books and podcast at The Happy Family Lawyer and on Facebook and Instagram.  

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Happy Juggling!

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