Co-working and childcare – the BubDesk alternative (Ep07)

Co-working and childcare – the BubDesk alternative  (Ep07)

In today’s episode we hear from Meg Burrage, founder of BubDesk.

BubDesk has been described as the Airbnb of childcare and was created to solve Meg’s own experience of struggling to find a reputable day care centre to care for her son when she returned to work.

Meg talks about:

  • The need to be constantly listening to your customers and how BubDesk has evolved from being a co-working space with a crèche, to being a co-working space contained within fully operational day care centres;
  • The de-centralised structure of BubDesk, with centres located all over the Perth metropolitan area (UPDATE: And now, Sydney*);
  • How BubDesk serves as a transitional step for parents who are returning to work;
  • The benefit of being on-site with your child to enable you to be available to combat a child’s separation anxiety (or the parent’s!), to allow for continued breast feeding, to really get to know the staff caring for your child, and to have a co-working space where you can network with parents in similar circumstances;
  • Her favourite success story of a graphic designer whose son was struggling with separation anxiety, but was able to adjust with her presence on-site. The designer had the added benefit of networking and gaining significant new business;
  • Her personal juggle and the difficulties of running your own business; and
  • The value of resilience.

Special offer

Meg has generously offered listeners a special offer to trial BubDesk: $10 for 10 days to be used in a 30 day period. Contact Meg at to find out more.

Links mentioned in this episode

* Update

We mention in the show that Meg has plans to launch nationally this year. We are pleased to say that Meg has already met this goal with the opening of BubDesk in child care centres in Sydney.

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