The business and social case for paid parental leave (Ep26)

The business and social case for paid parental leave (Ep26)

For such an important topic, we thought we’d bring not one, but two guests! We are joined by Catriona MacLeod and Heather Williams from Cullen MacLeod lawyers in Perth, Western Australia. In an unusual twist, they have two very different perspectives to share as Catriona is a Director of the firm, whilst Heather is an employed solicitor. 

We had such a good conversation with Catriona and Heather that we didn’t want it to end. As a result, we ended up splitting the episode into two parts. So make sure to come back next week for part two! 

In this first part, the conversation focuses on paid parental leave and Heather’s return to work (twice!) during her employment at the firm. 

Some of the highlights include: 

  • The need for paid parental leave based on social responsibility and business case reasons. 
  • Using paid parental leave as an “investment” to keep and attract great staff and in promoting a workplace that encourages people to have whole lives. 
  • How even small businesses can offer paid parental leave without it becoming a financial burden. 
  • Heather’s decision to tell Catriona about her plans to have a child prior to becoming pregnant to help with future workforce planning. 
  • A personal view from Heather on the importance of paid parental leave to her and how it helped allow her to relax and enjoy her parental leave without financial stress. 
  • Handling pregnancy related illness whilst at work. 
  • Planning a return to work in unison between employer and employee and allowing for flexibility as things change (as they always do when a baby arrives!). 
  • Utilising innovative services like BubDesk to facilitate a smoother return to work by being close to your child to deal with breastfeeding needs and any separation anxiety. To learn more about BubDesk, head back to episode 7 where we chat to Meg Burrage, the founder of BubDesk.

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In the meantime, you find out more about Cullen MacLeod on their website or connect with Heather and Catriona on LinkedIn.

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