Do you have the 3 characteristics needed to be a remote worker? (ep 95)

Do you have the 3 characteristics needed to be a remote worker? (ep 95)

In today’s episode we find out what psychologist Bailey Bosch considers to be the three personal characteristics needed to be a successful remote worker. 

Remote working can be difficult for both the employers and employees. Through Bailey’s own personal research and commercial experience, she has come up with three characteristics that she believes are needed in an individual to be a successful remote worker.  

They are: 

  • Conscientiousness – The ability to be positive, keen and self-motivated 
  • Emotional regulation – The ability to have a pro-active approach to their own personal well-being.  
  • Influence – The ability to be able to quickly connect with others and make effective relationships.  

Bailey also provides us with tips on what we can do to do be a successful remote worker, such as: 

  • Building in rituals suited to you to help you separate your work and life.  
  • Understanding that as humans we physically and mentally cannot multi-task without feeling overwhelmed.  
  • Not allowing your imagination and own expectations bring guilt upon yourself. 

Bailey has provided us with a special offer for all our Juggle listeners. The offer includes a strategy and mapping session plus an hour of coaching valued at $375. Get in touch with Bailey via her website

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