Burn-out and overwhelm in the silly season (ep 94)

Burn-out and overwhelm in the silly season (ep 94)

In today’s episode we discuss burn-out and overwhelm that this crazy time of year can bring upon us! We welcome back Katrina Alilovic to share some tips and strategies on how to prevent the overwhelming feeling that the season brings.

As the year comes to the end, Christmas draws closer. This time of year is generally where the activities begin to flood in. Not only is there a lot of preparing, cooking and socialising in our personal lives but professionally the work seems to also increase. Christmas becomes a strange deadline, where everything ‘must’ be finished and finalised before 25 December.

Some of Katrina’s tips into managing the silly season include:

  • Reflecting on how you want to feel at the end of December
  • Not striving for perfection and raising unrealistic expectations on yourself
  • Consider taking a ‘Christmas detox’ to avoid FOMO and to stop pressuring yourself
  • Set boundaries in the amount of spending, cooking and socialising
  • Never be afraid to ask for help

Christmas is a wonderful time of year and let’s not let the stress and overwhelming feeling affect our 2019 Christmas.

If you want to hear more from Katrina on a similar topic, listen in to episode 18, where she talks about the mental load. 

Please feel free to share your amazing ideas and experiences you have with any Christmas planning leading up to the big day!

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Happy juggling!

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