How to get your partner to share the mental load (ep 73)

How to get your partner to share the mental load (ep 73)

A recent report found that the unpaid care gap between men and women has decreased by only minutes a day across a 15year time span. 7 minutes! The only thing that is perhaps more shocking than this statistic, is that the research also shows that worldwide BOTH men and women agree that household chores should be a woman’s responsibility! 

If we want to make a change here we need to do more to help couples to thrive together.  How can we work together with our partners to share the unpaid care and household chores?  

You know we’re all about the practical advice, so this episode is jam-packed with tips and tricks you can use to get your partner to share the mental load and, by implication, the physical stuff too. 

Here are some of the things we suggest: 

  • Start sharing the load before you have children  
  • Support and encourage your partner to take parental leave 
  • Support and encourage your partner to work flexibly  
  • Don’t let the responsibility for childcare be all yours 
  • Share caregiving responsibility by dividing between days duties or activities 
  • Do the planning together 
  • Remember, done is better than perfect (yes, Lucy is on about those towels again…) 
  • Don’t expect change overnight 

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Happy juggling! 

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