“Expect more from him” – Sexual harassment in the aftermath of #metoo (ep 88)

“Expect more from him” – Sexual harassment in the aftermath of #metoo (ep 88)

Olivia Wensley made headlines last year when she became a “whistle blower” on the endemic sexual harassment in the legal industry. Olivia shared a blog post calling out sexual harassment in the legal profession as being part of the norm. Her post – We Need to Talk About Law’s Dirty Little Secret – went viral. Since then, Olivia has been an active advocate against sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace. 

We talk to Olivia about: 

  • What prompted her to write the article – a vent in response to a media report about sexual harassment  
  • The reaction Olivia received to her raw, real and honest account – she had no idea that she’d end up in a firestorm of media interviews! 
  • Where the #metoo movement has brought us and whether it is still having a positive impact 
  • Shifting the responsibility from women speaking up to requiring businesses to take a more proactive, investigative role 
  • The need to call out low-level behaviour and set a culture from top-down by encouraging others to call out inappropriate behaviour rather than just letting things pass 
  • By being silent you are condoning inappropriate behaviour. We are all responsible for calling it out 
  • A change of pace – how Olivia manages the juggle working remotely and with her own small children  
  • Growing from adversity – “smooth seas never made a skilled sailor” 

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Happy juggling! 

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