Why employees hate flexible work and what to do about it (ep 87)

Why employees hate flexible work and what to do about it (ep 87)

Today’s episode is the second part in our series about why we hate flexible work and what can be done about it. 

This series was prompted because of a conversation in our Facebook group about a woman who overheard other women talking negatively about part timers – how they have to pick up the slack. 

Back in episode 85 we talked about why employers hate flexible work and how they can shift their perspective, and today we are talking about why women hate it. It might be something that we all say we want, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t parts of it we would rather do without. 

The main reasons we hear women saying they hate flexible work include: 

  • The perspective that others have of flexible work: 
  • People think flex workers aren’t committed to their jobs 
  • They need to pick up the slack for part time workers 
  • People don’t like it because they can’t contact a flex worker 
  • They get terrible work 
  • They are disconnected from what is happening at the workplace 
  • They feel like they are working all the time – there is no off switch 

Whilst there are some difficulties, as we said, we believe the benefits greatly outweigh them. So how do we go about fixing it? 

  • Be open about your working arrangements. Talk to your employer – manage expectations. 
  • Have a “Don’t list” (things you just won’t do) 
  • Remember your career is a marathon not a sprint 
  • Have boundaries 

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Happy juggling! 

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