Let’s Talk Pelvic Floor – With Taryn Watson (ep 89)

Let’s Talk Pelvic Floor – With Taryn Watson (ep 89)

In today’s episode we discuss yet again the importance of self-care and why prioritising our health is so important. We welcome back Taryn Watson, a specialist practitioner in women’s health and owner of Fit Right Physio. She is also a mother of one and has another bub on the way!  

Previously, in episode 82 we heard Taryn discuss her thoughts on what self-care meant to her, as well as discussing the importance that self-care has on an individual. These were excerpts from an interview we did with Taryn, and today we are releasing the whole interview for your listening pleasure.  
In this interview Taryn talks about self-care and discusses the issues females have with their pelvic floor. Yes… those small muscles that 50% of the female population struggle with.  

Highlights from this episode include:  

  • A discussion of the main issues that can occur in our daily life from having pelvic floor dysfunction – majority of us females (50% of us) all suffer from pelvic floor weakness.   
  • A discussion about what self-care is, including Taryn’s 3 main tips to achieve self-care. 
  • Advice on how to incorporate fitness into a busy routine, as well as discussing the physical and emotional benefits exercise has on us.  

For women who want a satisfying career and a fulfilling family life. Helping you to find your all.

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