How one couple stay united in the juggle (ep 99)

How one couple stay united in the juggle (ep 99)

In today’s episode we join husband and wife team Sharni and Kondwani (Kay) Mwenda on their date night to talk all things juggle! 

Sharni and Kay open the doors to their lives, sharing the tips and tricks they’ve mastered over the years to make the juggle work while both have professional careers.  

As we learn during the interview, Sharni and Kay often spend their dates at the gym or attending work functions, which is just one of the tools they’ve mastered to help them stay united as a couple while managing the juggle.   

Those tips include: 

  • Having a structure that works for you helps ease the chaos.  Calendars are always helpful!  
  • Have strong communication with each other and don’t be afraid to discuss what failed! 
  • Having a solid support crew in both your professional and personal lives is essential. That means having an army of people to rely on. 

One of the things we love about this interview is Sharni and Kay’s honesty in sharing some of their challenges and how they have overcome them to reach this point in their relationship. We know that not everyone has a supportive partner, so Sharni and Kay share their experience at starting the difficult conversations. 

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Happy juggling! 

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