2019 reflections – getting real! (ep 98)

2019 reflections – getting real! (ep 98)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! In this first episode for 2020, we take the opportunity to reflect not only on 2019 but also on the past decade.

2019 was our second year of podcasting as ‘The Juggle’, it was the year where we hit the 50th episode and to us it’s been a privilege to see how the Juggle Community is growing.

In this episode we both share our reflections on our personal and professional lives. We don’t just share the highlights. Although they were many – Lucy welcoming baby Harry and starting a business baby, Jo expanding her business and being named runner up of business person of the year in her local business awards – there were also many down times. As always on The Juggle, we like to keep it real. Managing the juggle is not all smooth sailing and so we take our own advice and share some of the hard stuff including family deaths and relationship trouble.

A new year is also time for planning the future. We share our ideas for that including having a word of the year. Jo’s is “JOY”.

We also talk about our plans for this podcast and our related business, including:

If you are looking for more guidance on setting up your goals and plans for 2020 take a listen to episode 47 where we talked about goal setting.


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