Highlights from 100 episodes! (ep 100)

Highlights from 100 episodes! (ep 100)

When you consider that few podcasts make it past 7 episodes, to reach episode 100 is a pretty big milestone! 

Thanks to every one of you for tuning in with us over the last 100 episodes and especially to those of you who carry on the conversations with us in The Juggle Community

To celebrate we’re sharing a few of the highlights from 100 episodes of The Juggle Podcast. It wasn’t easy to squeeze all the highlights into one episode, so we chose just 4 topics. All the episodes are linked below, so check them out if you haven’t heard or you need a refresher! 

Smart ideas 

Every guest leaves us with a nugget of gold, but the stand outs have been around self-care and time management.  

On the self-care front, check out: 

On the time management front, listen back to Laura Vanderkam on How to feel less busy while getting more done.  

Our resident psych, Katrina Alilovic  

Not only is she our most regular guest, she’s a much loved one too. Kat has shared so much of her expertise with us – from burnout to imposter syndromemum guiltthe mental load and adding another family member. Each time she reminds us to make sure we’re living the life that aligns with our own values and spend less time comparing ourselves to others.  

Our male guests 

They may be few and far between, but we’ve shared the voice of several men over the last 100 episodes.  

Our favourite mantras   

We’d love to know your favourite moments from 100 episodes of the Juggle Podcast. What are the stand out moments for you? 

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Links mentioned in this episode:  

Happy juggling! 

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