How to cope with pregnancy at work (Ep30)

How to cope with pregnancy at work (Ep30)

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know by now that I (Lucy) am pregnant! Woohoo! Except I haven’t been feeling quite so “woohoo”. Like many other women, I really struggle with pregnancy and find it quite difficult to continue a “normal” life, especially during those first three months. So today, we’re sharing our advice to help you cope with pregnancy while you’re at work.  

We talk about:  

  • practical tips to help you to deal with morning all-day sickness, fatigue and exhaustion  
  • ways to reorganise your work to preserve energy, including working from home, changing your working hours, taking time off, changing the type of work that you do, cutting back on commitments (or think about outsourcing!); 
  • whether time off work for pregnancy-related illness is sick leave or annual leave and Jo also tells us about some special types of leave that may come into play for pregnancy-related illness (isn’t it great to have an employment lawyer on our side!); 
  • when we told our employers about our pregnancies and why we chose to share the news when we did; 
  • how to work out when to tell your employer and when you are legally required to do so (for more on this, listen to episode 26); 
  • making your workplace safe and removing anything that may pose a hazard for you while pregnant; 
  • finding appropriate clothes to accommodate your changing body shape. 

No doubt we will have more pregnancy and baby-related podcasts in the coming months, so do let us know what topics you’d like us to address.  

Join us in The Juggle Community where we welcome you to share all your pregnancy woes and, if you don’t have any war stories, so long as you give sympathy to those of us who have been unwell, we’ll even let you tell us all about your pregnancy glow! 

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