Whatever works – parental leave for small business (ep 74)

Whatever works – parental leave for small business (ep 74)

Paid parental leave and small business can appear in the same sentence in a positive way. 

In today’s episode we talk to Nikki Beaumont, founder and CEO of Beaumont People. Nikki was able to overcome the concerns of business associates and her own doubts in order to introduce paid parental leave in her small business. And in her view – it’s been a success. 

Nikki founded Beaumont People in 2001. It is characterised by its innovative, forward-thinking marketing approach and personal touch. Nikki attributes the key to business success as being her unfaltering investment in her people including training, mentoring and the implementation of a paid parental leave policy and flexible working model. 

Highlights from this episode include: 

  • The importance of challenging money beliefs in business about the affordability of paid parental leave. 
  • Letting go of expectations about how it needs to ‘look’ and providing paid parental leave in a way that works for your business. 
  • Thinking beyond money when it comes to working out parental leave benefits. For example, building in keeping in touch days during parental leave, and allowing for banked pay to be paid during parental leave. 
  • Nikki’s personal family experience with a stay at home husband. 
  • Benefits – everyone in the workplace sees this policy as an example of walking the talk, and the employee’s taking advantage of it are grateful for the ability to potentially have longer at home with their baby, creating loyalty and mutual respect. 
  • The power of the “whatever works” approach in business – agreeing individual arrangements with employees that work for them and for the business. 
  • The importance of trust in all employment relationships and especially to support flexible work arrangements. 

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