Keys to flexible working with Natalie Goldman, FlexCareers (Ep12)

Keys to flexible working with Natalie Goldman, FlexCareers (Ep12)

Natalie Goldman, CEO of FlexCareers, a disruptive recruitment platform connecting talented people with progressive employers offering flexible work, joins us to share her keys to making flexible working a success.

Not only does Natalie work flexibly herself, she also manages a team of flexible workers and leads an organisation that was founded with a vision to create a future where flexible work is the norm, not the exception.

Keys to flexible working

Natalie notes four factors that are crucial to making flexible working a success: teamwork, delegation, high trust and good management of what Natalie calls “performance energy”. Performance energy involves managing your time and setting boundaries to ensure that you don’t burn out.  Good management of performance energy enables you to bring your best self to your work and to the rest of your life.   

Some of the key highlights from this episode include: 

  • How technology is crucial to flexible working, particularly to keep staff connected
  • Natalie’s views on the importance of managing expectations we have of ourselves and others (See Episode 10 for more on this topic)
  • How the gig economy and portfolio careers are changing the nature of work  
  • How to request and negotiate flexible working arrangements when applying for a new job
  • How phrases such as “working mums” and “full time” vs “part time” are impacting a woman’s ability to be seen as fully invested in her career

You can find out more about FlexCareers on their website or follow Natalie’s flexible working journey on LinkedIn. 

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