Manage your time the SMART way with Kate Christie (ep 64)

Manage your time the SMART way with Kate Christie (ep 64)

The most common challenge faced by our listeners is how to manage time. Most of us feel that there is not enough time to do all the things we want to do or otherwise feel guilty about how we spend our time. Today we’re joined by time management expert, Kate Christie, who is here to help us reorganise our time to get back some of those lost hours.  

Kate is the founder & CEO of Time Stylers an international speaker and best-selling author. She empowers high performing individuals and teams with the mindset, skills and strategies to find and harness hours of lost time. Kate has developed a 5-step process to help busy people find hours of lost time and she shares a summary of this process with us today.  

Listen to the episode to hear about: 

  • The difference between having it all and doing it all 
  • Kate’s realisation that, as a mum of three young children, she was not alone in her time management struggles  
  • Me Time: The Professional Woman’s Guide to finding 30 guilt-free hours a month and Kate’s 5 step process for regaining control of your time: 
    • S – Self aware – Understanding your issues with time and working out your values in relation to time
    • M – Mapping your standard day vs your dream day  
    • A – Analyse – our favourite step! Categorising the things you do into 4 categories – must, want, delegate and reject – and then calculating the true cost of each item. 
    • R – Reframe – changing how you think about the way you spend your time, including deciding what to insource or outsource. 
    • T – Take control – where you make it happen! 
  • Kate’s mantra that we should all adopt: “Is this the best use of my time?” 

Thank you to Michael Miller, MLC Advice Canberra 

This week we kicked off the first of a 5-part segment with Michael Miller, certified financial planner with MLC Advice Canberra. Over the next 5 weeks Michael will be answering all your money questions. This week we’re talking to Michael about all things budgeting.  

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