Career indecision – choosing your next step (Ep 63)

Career indecision – choosing your next step (Ep 63)

As we all know, having children causes us to question many things in our lives, including our career.  Some of us find a renewed commitment to our jobs, some look for a new workplace and others pivot completely. Today we’ve invited career counsellor Anna Black to share her advice about how to choose your next step.  

After many years in the corporate mining world, Anna did a U-turn herself towards more meaningful work. She now guides mid-career professionals through the process of self-discovery to create more fulfilling futures.  

In this episode we talk to Anna about: 

  • What exactly is career counselling? It isn’t just for high school students. It can be used to help professionals work out what they want to do and then find the job that they want 
  • Her advice for professionals who find themselves mid-career, having achieved the things they set out to do and feeling unsure what to do next  
  • The barriers faced by those wanting to change career direction, including salary, reputation, identity and not knowing what to do  
  • Why you should explore your skills and interests before you ask yourself what job you want to do  
  • What triggered Anna’s own career pivot and how she went about changing direction 
  • Building self-confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome  


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Happy juggling! 

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