Motherhood – The Shift Within (ep 65)

Motherhood – The Shift Within (ep 65)

Mothers Day is just around the corner and it had us thinking. Thinking about the internal shift that can occur when women have children. 

In today’ episode, we are joined by our favourite psychologist, Katrina Alilovic, and the three of us chat about all things transformation and personal development. We also talk about our recent presentation with the Tax Institute sharing our JUGGLE acronym, Katrina’s upcoming imposter syndrome webinar, and share our plans for future episodes which we hope you will contribute to.  

Listen to the episode to hear us talk about:  

  • The reasons why having a baby can have women questioning “Who am I?” 
  • The opportunities for transformation and personal development that come as a result of motherhood, as it stirs up your past and has you reflecting on what has occurred and what you want to be different in future. 
  • The loss that can be felt when you become a mother – grieving your old way of life. 
  • The things that take people by surprise when becoming a mum like: 
    • The messiness of motherhood. The way it challenges your normal sense of order 
    • The weight of being a mum. Having such total responsibility for another person. 
    • The expectations of society on you as a mum, and the risk of falling prey to judgement of others.
  • The importance of remembering that there is no one way to be a mum 

Finally – to finish off, we have two questions for you: 

  • What are the things that you are told not to talk about, or feel that people don’t talk about? Perhaps birth related, or something to do with mental health issues after having a baby.  
  • If you were part of a couple when you had your child, what happened to your relationship when your child joined you? 
  • Please share your comments on these questions (in writing or voice message we can play on the episode) so that we can use the content for a couple of episodes we have coming up. 

Thank you to Michael Miller, MLC Advice Canberra 

This week we had our second of a 5-part segment with Michael Miller, certified financial planner with MLC Advice Canberra. This week we’re talking to Michael about how to plan for the reduction in income that most people experience when they have a childListen in to hear his excellent tip on how to give yourself the best chance to meet the means test to obtain  

Get in touch with Michael online, connect with him on LinkedIn, or follow him on Twitter. 

If you have questions for Michael, send them to us at 

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  • If you struggle with imposter syndrome, join Katrina Alilovic in her free webinar on 21 May 2019. Register here.
  • Email us your thoughts on our upcoming episodes on “things we don’t talk about” and “relationship changes post baby” via email at  
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Happy juggling! 

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