Tackling your performance review to avoid the part-time stigma (Ep 13)

Tackling your performance review to avoid the part-time stigma (Ep 13)

While many people look forward to performance reviews like a hole in the heart, they can be an incredibly useful and rewarding experience – if done right! 

In this episode, we consider employee performance reviews from the perspective of part-time employees and ask: how can you combat the stigma that comes with being a ‘less-than-full-time working’ parent?

Dealing with the part-time stigma 

Our three key messages are: 

  1. Start with your mindset! This seems to be a common theme for us and that is because it is so important. Stop seeing performance reviews as a waste of time and instead, ‘sit at the table’. Ask yourself what you can get out of it. Take credit for your accomplishments and assert yourself with confidence. 
  2. Be prepared. What good did Girl Guides do if not to teach you this!? Understand the process from your employer’s perspective, make sure it is followed and be ready to back yourself up with all your great achievements. 
  3. Focus on outputs and outcomes, not time.  In professional roles, outcomes rarely have direct correlation to the number of hours worked, so look at the value you have brought to an organisation, not the number of hours spent at your desk. Even if your employer talks about time, be prepared to bring the conversation back to actual value. 

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As promised, you can find Sheryl Sandberg’s TED Talk Why we have too few women leaders here.  Once you’ve listened you’ll also want to check out her book, Lean In.

Happy Juggling!

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