The psychology of successful women: Taking charge of your career (ep 101)

The psychology of successful women: Taking charge of your career (ep 101)

What are the key characteristics that successful women have in common? What does it really mean to take charge of your career? 

Today’s guest tackles these big questions – and much more! 

We’re joined by Shona Rowan, international performance and mindset consultant, inspirational speaker and coach. Shona has over 20 years of experience working with organisations and individuals to maximise performance and accelerate success.  

Drawing on her extensive training in psychology, hypnotherapy and NLP, and wealth of international experience as a trainer, speaker and coach, Shona equips her clients with powerful strategies to boost their success. 

Shona talks to us about: 

  • The unhelpful mindsets that can hold us back and what we can do to tackle them  
  • Strategies we can adopt to accelerate our career 
  • The key behaviours that drive success  

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Happy juggling! 

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