Thinking outside the box to combine work and family (Ep20)

Thinking outside the box to combine work and family (Ep20)

Today’s juggler interview is with Lacey Filipich, chemical engineer, financial educator and mum of two.  Lacey primarily works in her own business, Money School, through which she provides financial education for parents, children and women, but she knows the importance of staying connected in her career, so regularly takes on short term contract roles to do just that. 

Lacey loves to plan and shares her well thought through advice and tips for managing the juggle, including:  

  • Her tactics for staying organised, including a very detailed excel spreadsheet calendar planned 3 months in advance and having five outfits – one for each day of the work week – to name just two; 
  • The two reasons why Lacey chose to return to paid employment through contract roles – to maintain her skills and to make sure people remember her for what she is good at. The big aim: to secure her financial future; 
  • Lacey’s astute career advice for women, including: 
    • the importance of recognising the value in your own unique skillset; 
    • be seen – get your name out there, attend networking events, say yes to new roles now and then; 
    • consider using short term contract roles to balance a career and family – “batch processing”, as Lacey calls it – to enable a short period of intense focus on career followed by longer periods out of the paid workforce; 
    • stay in touch while on a career break to help you maintain your confidence; and
    • earn your own money to secure your financial independence and financial future, don’t solely rely on your partner’s income.
  • The realities of starting your own business and recognition that self-employment isn’t the utopia it is made out to be; 
  • Lacey’s number one piece of advice for everyone around money – save first, then do what you like with the rest; 
  • Lacey’s finishing comment – do less. 

You can connect with Lacey at Money School, on Facebook or on LinkedIn.   

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