Where does motherhood fit in your personal brand with Julissa Shrewsbury (Ep03)

Where does motherhood fit in your personal brand with Julissa Shrewsbury (Ep03)
Women with professional careers are often advised to hide their families, and specifically to make sure they don’t form any part of your personal brand. In this episode we delve into whether that is good advice, what personal branding is, and how to construct the right one for you.
In this episode, Jo and Lucy interview Julissa Shrewsbury, the Director of New Work Consulting. Julissa is an expert in helping people create their own personal brand. She helps people build and maintain a stand-out professional image in the online space that will draw opportunities to them and help them achieve their professional goals.
Some of the key takeaways from the episode include:
  • What is a personal brand? Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. It is formed from lots of different touch points – in person and online.
  • Ensure that your online presence (eg. on social media) is consistent with the brand you want to present. Be aware of privacy settings to avoid private content becoming public and negatively impacting your personal brand.
  • Should you tell someone that you have a family? You are a whole package. People want to connect with human beings – people do business with people, so it is important to share what makes you human and relatable. But choose how much to communicate and to what audience. You don’t want to use language or act in such a way that others will view you as lacking commitment.
  • The benefit of a personal brand is that it demonstrates the value that you bring to your work.
  • How to describe breaks from work when drafting resumes or Linked In profiles.
  • How what you wear is part of your personal brand as it influences the impression that people take of you. People get more information from what they see as opposed to what they hear or read.
  • It is important to feel confident when you return to work after a career break. To do so, take some time to determine what is amazing about you and what you bring to your professional life. Brainstorm what you bring to work, what you are good at, love doing and the change that you like to see that you help to create.
  • The 3 key things to focus on for your personal brand:
  1. Know what makes you amazing and lights you up – knowing that means you know what to focus on in your personal brand.
  2. Know your current goals and focus on that. Eg. Make sure your online profile highlights your experience and skills and where you want to go next.
  3. Get your Linkedin Profile refreshed and up to date.

Bonus tip: Linked In is about building relationships. Don’t just set it up and wait for people to find you.

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Twitter: @NewWorkAU
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