What does it mean to be a working mum? (ep 50)

What does it mean to be a working mum? (ep 50)

Welcome to our 50th podcast episode! It is quite a big deal in the podcasting world to make it to 50 episodes so we’re proud, excited and celebrating! 

This week we’re reflecting on where we’ve come and what we’ve achieved in 50 episodes, but we’re also hearing from you. We asked you to tell us why being a working mum is important to you and today we share your stories. 

We’re proud to say that over 50 episodes we’ve been able to achieve the goals we set out to achieve, including: 

  • Creating a happy, encouraging and supportive community of women who want a successful career and a happy family. If you haven’t yet joined our online Facebook group, The Juggle Community, you must! 
  • We’re proud that we “keep it real”. We don’t pretend that juggling a professional career, family, personal interests, health and all the rest of it is always smooth sailing, it’s not, but we definitely think it is worthwhile and there’s something to be said for optimism. 
  • Receiving so much wonderful feedback from listeners and connecting with women both online and at our meet ups in Perth.  
  • Creating a business to help employers who want to do more to support women and parents with flexible working and other supports.  

But the podcast is just as much about our listeners as it is about us and our guests, most of whom are proud working parents. We loved hearing your varied responses to why being a working mum is important to you. Here are some common themes from your responses that we share during the episode: 

  • Leading by example and providing role models for our children  
  • To enable us to have the best of both worlds – spending time how we want to spend it 
  • Demonstrate how we can use our skills learned at work to give back to the community  
  • To prove that it is possible to have a career, be an active member of community and be a present and engaged parent. All at the same time! 
  • Mothers can provide more forms of nurturing and support, far beyond traditional expectations 
  • Working makes us happy, gives us energy, focus and perspective, which in turn make us a better mum 

Thank you for joining us for our first 50 episodes! We look forward to many more.  

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Happy juggling!

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