Catherine Fox – More Powerful Together #IWD2019

Catherine Fox – More Powerful Together #IWD2019

In a special episode for International Women’s Day 2019, we are joined by women’s rights activist Catherine Fox. More than likely you have heard of Catherine before, given she is a leading commentator on women and the workforce. Two of her books include Stop Fixing Women and more recently WomenKind co-authored with Kirstin Ferguson (current Deputy Chair of the ABC). 

During our conversation we explored the UN Women Australian theme for 2019 – “More Powerful Together”, a slightly different take on the more commonly seen #Balanceforbetter campaign. 

We discussed the different ways we can be more powerful together – including women supporting women, men supporting women, and also women supporting men. 

Listen in to hear about: 

  • Whether the future will be about men being more equal in the home 
  • The impact of the current working patterns and structures on new generations joining the workforce, and the increase in conservatism among young men 
  • The impact of more women in paid work on the rates of men seeking flexible working arrangements 
  • The heart and head side of gender equality – the need to move beyond the “business case” argument, and remember that equality is a fundamental human right – and we shouldn’t have to argue it on business reasons. Do the right thing. 
  • Ways women can use their innate power to create women’s networks to support each other 
  • The four stages of gender awareness 
  • The impact of motherhood on creating stern feminists 
  • The tactics of amplification – arising from the Obama Whitehouse, and other practical ways we can support women to be more powerful together 
  • Remember that some woman needs to be first – you can be what you can’t see. 

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